Tech guide to Promote Furnitures in China 

About buying furniture from China’s suppliers, or other household products? What should you know about furniture suppliers, related trade shows and customization options to read, and learn. We also explain that furniture importers should know about fire prevention rules, quality control and shipping.

  1. Detecting the right furniture manufacturer in China

When furniture manufacturers promote online, there are different factors to evaluate potential candidate suppliers. Here are some examples below:

Registered capital: A low-registered capital shows that the supplier is a small trading company. As there is no real benefit to buy from the trader, you want to avoid it. A furniture manufacturer should be at least RMB 1,000,000 registered capital, which is defined in their business license.

Business Scope: Potentially anywhere in comparison to the registered capital, business location explains what the company was ready to do. Look for “Furniture” and “Manufacturer” and “Production” to ensure that the supplier is a real manufacturer. On the other hand, merchandise includes the terms of business scope, a wide range of different products, and “wholesale”.

Quality Management System: A Quality Management System, for example, ISO 9001, is applied to track and prevent quality issues. Why is this matter? Because it only applies to manufacturers, not traders.

After purchasing furniture from China suppliers, why should suppliers first need to make the first important? Because the majority of furniture manufacturers do not point to marketed markets, offer quality options and stability that you need to compete.

If you do not feel like online browsing supplier online, you want to consider visiting Home Products Trade Show in Mainland China or Hong Kong. The summary of annual, commercial fairs related to the furniture and domestic products industry is as follows:

  1. Furniture customization options

What is the difference between an OEM manufacturer retailer, or even wholesaler? When you buy a product from a retailer, take the IKEA example, you know that these products are done according to the same image sheet. There is no change in content, design, dimensions and functions.

However, many buyers of furniture, including furniture, understand the concept of how OEM manufacturers work in China.

OEM manufacturers work according to a ‘principle of order’. Although they can be “Catalog Products”, but they just refer to me. What does this mean for you, would you have to supply the supplier with a sheet – even if the product is based on factory design.

There is no uniform sheet sheet template that can be used. However, below are some of the following examples in your specific sheet:

Wood quality (i.e., german statement wood)

Fabric Specifications (i.e., PU coated polyester, 550 gsm)

Metal parts (i.e., 316L stainless steel)

Foam (i.e., high density fire retired foam rubber)

  1. Review applicable furniture regulations

In many markets, there are essential fire retarded laws applicable to different types of furniture. In the United States, there is no federal framework that requires US imported cars to be implemented. However, California Technical Bulbulin 117 (TB 117) ‘De facto’ has become mandatory, because it is sought for both retailers and customers.

However, in the EU, fire safety standards are mandatory, for which buyers are forced to act. Follow the following a review:

Keep in mind that you will need to contact the supplier, which must comply with your standard standards. A few years back, I remember how we will examine quality on smooth furniture in Hangzhou. As we have started testing the cover of covered clothes, it shows that the goods were not to pass a third-party audit.

However, the current Sales Manager immediately cleared any responsibility. Immediately, he emphasized that they are certainly able to ensure compliance with all European and American substances and fire retarded standards, but this customer does not comply with the specific criteria for their products. Should be according to

Therefore, the shopping officers operating in the factory, did not make their subcontractor for the specified cloth covered … and of course, he did not ask anyone, so the result was not a batch of unusual goods. . In this way, you first need to determine which rules apply to your product in the market, and then contact your manufacturer.

  1. Quality control

To ensure that your supplier can not afford unavailability or bad goods, which is absolutely prohibited, you will need to collect a quality inspector to check the goods. Quality control services are already offered in China.

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