Stylish Fitted Wardrobe Ideas in Bedroom

With fitted wardrobes that have been tailor-made and customized, the experience can be as beautiful as the clothes they contain.

Contemporary Fitted wardrobes create clean, uncluttered and streamlined looks that regular closets rarely achieve.

Whether they take up the whole wall or just a small space or side, fitted wardrobes can be fabulous and flash while also blending in with the rest of the room.

Today’s fitted wardrobes incorporate modern, sophisticated options that contribute to the décor of the room no matter the desired style.

Some stylishly fitted wardrobe ideas for 2019 include;

Wallpapered Fitted Wardrobes

  • This involves having the painting on the walls continued onto the wardrobe to blend in with the rest of the room.
  • Hidden push catches can be incorporated on the inside of each door or cupboard so that the unit is almost entirely flush and blended in when the doors are closed.
  • Coving can also be added at the top of the wardrobe to blend with the rest of the room and enable completion of the hidden space impression.

Open-sided Fitted Wardrobes

  • Fitted wardrobes can be created anywhere, and in a large bedroom, it can be added as a floating wall that not only divides the room but also provides a storage or display area.
  • In addition to providing suitable storage for clothing and other items, it also adds a beautiful colour that gives the whole room dynamic design flair.

Small Space/Room Fitted Wardrobe

  • Through custom carpentry, huge storage space, as well as practicality, can be added even in loft spaces that have steeply sloping ceilings.
  • Every inch of space can be utilised efficiently where the little awkward niches are turned into storage cubby holes and shelving areas.
  • Such a design negates the need for doors, and this can result in a wonderfully organic and easy to navigate wardrobe area with excellent light flow.

Mirrored Doors Fitted Wardrobes

  • When mirrored door panels are incorporated in the design of a fitted wardrobe, it can create a fantastic sense of perceived space.
  • With mirrored doors, even full cabinet walls can look more prominent with the reflection of the larger room. The mirrors create a space illusion that makes the room look big.

Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobes

  • Fitted wardrobes can be made even more beautiful with sliding doors, especially if they are made of glass.
  • Internal lighting or a smoked effect can be added to increase elegance and bring a little drama and style into the bedroom with sliding door fitted wardrobes.

It is essential to consider elements that elevate not only practicality but also the fitted wardrobes aesthetics.