How To Make The Most Of Your Moving Company

Have you recently made the decision to relocate to a new house? Then chances are you’re going to hire a moving company to help you transport your items from your old place to your new pad. But although you might think that this means you can leave everything to your moving company, it is much better if you put in a bit of effort to make the most of their services.

By doing a few small things and being proactive, you can help expedite the whole moving process. In addition to making things easier for your movers, you’ll save yourself money. And who doesn’t want that? Here are a few tips to make the most of your moving company’s services.

  • Create a detailed inventory

When you first get in touch with your moving company, one of the first things you should ask them to do is to conduct a survey of your home in person. This means that someone from the company will visit your home and examine the items you would like to bring to your new home. A survey will let your movers have a more accurate idea of how to handle your move.

Additionally, you should create your own inventory. Go through each room one at a time and list down the things you’ll definitely transport to your new place and take note of their conditions and special circumstances. By having an inventory, you’ll stay more organized and keep track if any items are lost or damaged.

  • Label boxes properly

This step will make such a big difference when you and your movers are loading the van. Label each box clearly with its contents and its destination room. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even color coordinate labels with rooms in your new place. This way, whoever picks up a box will know exactly where to unload it when everything arrives at your new home.

With labels, you’ll avoid the chaotic and time-consuming task of traffic control. Instead of having to micromanage everyone and telling them where each box should go, everyone can work largely on their own. And this will reduce the amount of time your move will take, which is crucial if you’re paying your movers by the hour.

  • Talk to your movers regularly

Another important thing you need to do is to keep in regular contact with the moving company. This is necessary so that everyone is on the same page and is updated about any changes. For example, you don’t want a breakdown of communications and for the moving company to arrive an hour later than you wanted.

And even though the movers probably don’t want you in the way when they get to work, you can’t just leave them all on their own. You need to stay around during your moving day for some supervision. Now, this doesn’t mean you need carefully manage everyone. You just need to be available in case the movers need to ask you a question.

  • Ask for extra services

If you need additional help in the moving process, why not ask your moving company? They most likely offer services in various aspects of moving so that you can have as little stress as possible. Part of making the most of your movers is to take a look at the wide range of services they offer and deciding if some are right for you.

For example, if you think you can’t get all the packing done on your own, perhaps it is worth considering hiring packing services? Maybe it is also a good idea for a bit of extra help dismantling furniture to be ready for transport? Or if there’s no time, you can even request for cleaning services if your moving company offers such a thing.

  • Arrange for easy access

Something that is easily overlooked is whether or not your movers can easily access your old and new homes. If it is difficult to access your house, not only will it slow the whole process down, your movers will probably be a bit annoyed at this unfortunate surprise.

Avoid this by checking any parking limitations, how the movers can enter your place, and any stairs they might have to navigate. If you make the proper checks and research beforehand, you’ll make your moving day go by much more quickly.