Advantages of Floor Screed

Whether you are commercially or residentially buildings always remember that some parts like floor finish needs to be done properly. The foundation should be strong and durable enough to allow any type of floor finishing to take place.

Most people often prefer to finish with a good screed design. But as an engineer or home owner you will know better being that you have researched the best options for a good floor finish.

If you happen to go with screed as your floor finish then you should be acquainted with floor screeding ideas. Screed is usually applied by hand so it can differ from contractor to contractor. But always invest on the best one no matter the cost. Otherwise, you might end up with a cracked floor.

The internet might be your best friend in this case as there are many floor screeding ideas that will make your head spin. Of course, it all depends on the type and space you are building. Some screed ideas may not go well with some type of buildings.

Moreover, you should know what you are getting into beyond the splashy images and ideas on the internet. First things first the floor will need to be clean and well prepared before screeding.


It lasts longer and never needs repair. If it is properly made it won’t need to be replaced at all. The only downside is that it can be pricey but it is durable and a good investment in the long run.

Consequently screed floor is usually easier to clean and maintain. There is always a good sealer that is often applied to help resist any kind of stain, water and dirt. You can just wipe or damp mop.

There is no limit to floor screeding ideas in terms of color and decorative designs. You can always choose the best option depending on the type of building you have. You will never fall short of variety from color enhancement, slip-resistance, gloss, matt among many other floor screed additives.

Contrary to most beliefs screed floor is not that cold as cement has the ability to store and radiate heat.  This can be achieved through floor heating or simply allowing more sunlight during the day for night radiation.

Consequently, screed floor does not hold any odor be it urine or harbor small insects like mites or fleas. Likewise, screed floor is 100% non-toxic and is guaranteed to never emit any volatile organic compounds.

Therefore, be sure to research on possible ideas before embarking on this type of floor finish. Familiarize yourself with the basics as well as challenges. You might need to have most things close by, order some and mix some on site. If you are in Croydon London, you can always opt for ready mixed mortar Croydon. It is cheaper and easier to deliver.

The only bad thing about screed floor is that it can crack if not installed properly. So hire professional contractors who specialize on it. Otherwise it is one of the best floor finish techniques.