10 Best Home Design Ideas Using Timber Screens


Timber screens can create an inviting look to your property. Incorporating them into your home is a cheap, simple, and smart way to add visual interest to your design scheme.

Aside from enhancing the appearance of your space, timber screening also provides practical benefits such as shade and privacy. Ultimately, it’s a great addition to improve your home.

Want to incorporate timber screens, but unsure how to use them in your home? To inspire you, here are 10 home design ideas using timber screens.

10 Timber Screen Ideas Perfect for Your Home Design

1.     Privacy Screen

You can keep your most intimate spaces hidden with the addition of timber screens in your home design. No need to worry about being too visible to your neighbors while sitting in the garden or swimming in the pool.

Ultimately, you can achieve much-needed privacy with timber screens while still letting sunlight and air pass through.

2.     Patio Shade

Do you find direct sunshine too annoying to enjoy lounging on your patio? You can use timber screens to cast shade on your veranda. Forget about umbrellas – decorative screens present a sleeker and more elegant solution.

Tip: If you want to achieve a unique look on your patio, add timber screening as it can cast different and playful shadows, depending on its pattern.

3.     Garden Screening

You don’t have to worry about the appearance of your garden; simply install a timber screen to enhance the look of your landscape area. You can even grow climbing plants on it to ultimately transform your exterior space! Here are some of the plants you can grow on your timber screens:

  • Bluebell Creeper
  • Clematis
  • Climbing Roses
  • Grape
  • Honeysuckle
  • Jasmine
  • Ivy
  • Wisteria

4.     Pool Fence

Source: House of Bamboo

Create a sanctuary of privacy in your pool area with decorative timber screens. You can pair it with panels made of different construction materials, namely brick or metal, to create a distinct appearance. Finish the look with your ideal furnishings and plants to hide unsightly pool equipment out of the view.

Tip: You should only add low-maintenance plants that are pool-friendly to avoid shedding leaves and seeds.

5.     Interior Wall Cladding

Spice up your boring concrete wall with the use of timber screens as wall cladding in your interior design. With timber’s unique placement of clean lines, you can surround yourself with the inviting mood of natural tones. This way, you can create a space that brings the outdoors within your own interior walls while still providing the feeling of privacy and seclusion.

6.     Room Divider

Image Source: Trending Decors

Want to divide your interior space into separate distinct areas? Consider adding a timber screen divider. Instead of crowding your rooms with walls, you can use dividers to provide a unique look that can utilize your space effectively.

If you have a public living room that’s connected to a private one, timber screens can set the area apart and provide a sense of privacy. Ultimately, it can fit it into any room of your choice, whether it’s for your dining area or bedroom.

7.     Balcony Railing

Source: House of Bamboo

Tired of the usual steel balcony railings? Opt for a timber screen railing instead – it’s an inexpensive option that can give convenience and offer both modern and country design schemes. Timber screening adds a truly refreshing twist to your terrace.

Tip: Treat your timber regularly to avoid warping due to the damp environment.

8.     Gazebo

You can build a beautiful gazebo just right outside your home to enjoy your early morning coffee or tea while overlooking a breathtaking view. Enhance this pleasant experience further with the addition of timber screening in your very own pavilion.

With this construction material, you have the option to customize its carving and structure according to your liking. For instance, you can either go for a rustic feel or a sleek modern ambiance.

Timber also gives you a wide variety of color choices as it now comes in different hues other than the shades of brown. Furthermore, a gazebo made from timber screens can provide privacy while still letting cool air inside.

9.     Outside Gate

You can use timber screens as a gate to keep the pesky snoopers away and protect your home from burglars. It’s a cheaper option than metal gates, while still providing you privacy. Most importantly, timber screens are made from strong materials that can resist damage, despite the weak nature of wood.

10. Exterior Frame

Image Source: ModScape

There are no limitations when it comes to timber screening. You can use it in numerous ways around your house and this includes framing your exteriors. Moreover, you can even attain a one-of-a-kind and sophisticated allure with it. Whether you want to achieve a classic, cozy, or modern look, you can achieve many types of design aesthetics in your home with timber screens.

You can use timber screening in various ways to achieve a specific look for your home design. You can also enjoy the practical benefits it provides, such as shading and privacy. Ultimately, you can consider investing in timber screens as they are cheap and have many uses around the home.

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