What are Your Top Choices when it Comes to Bath Tubs? An Important Guide

When it comes to designing your bathroom, you may have many ideas in mind. You would probably want your bathroom to be comfortable yet aesthetically-pleasing at the same time, and, since it will be one of the most-used rooms in your home, you would want it to be practical as well. But if you are in the process of choosing a bath for your bathroom, what do you really have to think about? Here are your top choices when it comes to bath tubs: an important guide.

Freestanding versus built-in

In regards to bath tubs, you have two main choices: freestanding or built-in (also referred to as alcove or inset baths). You may already be familiar with built-in or alcove baths, since most homes are constructed with such. But what about freestanding baths? How different are they in terms of practicality and comfort? Well, you can rest easy: if you’re interested in a freestanding bath, know that this type of bath now comes in different shapes and sizes, which makes them an ideal fit for bathrooms of any size. Freestanding baths also come in different styles, from the classic and traditional claw-footed bath to more luxurious and modern soaking baths.

The bath tub material

Whether you end up choosing a freestanding bath or a standard alcove or built-in bath, you should consider the bath tub material as well. Keep in mind that you may have more limited choices if you opt for an inset or built-in bath, as it usually just comes in two main bath materials, acrylic and steel. The steel bath is coated with enamel, which makes it sturdier and less prone to damage. Acrylic baths, on the other hand, are more versatile and less prone to scratching.

If you choose a freestanding bath, it comes in two main bath materials as well: stone and acrylic. But there are actually more choices in freestanding bath materials, such as solid surface (resin or pure acrylic), composite, and even wood. If you’re opting for an acrylic bath, make sure the acrylic is of high quality so it will be less likely to peel or yellow over time.

The shape and colour

Baths in an oval shape are still the most popular option, although nowadays, you can find baths (especially freestanding ones) in round, rectangular shapes, and more. The choice you make when it comes to shape may be determined by the available space and the bath’s actual purpose (whether it will be used mainly for soaking, for practical bathing, or whether it will be used by different members of the family, for instance). The most popular colour of any bath tub is still white, although other colours are increasingly becoming popular, such as black. Natural stone baths will have the colour of the stone, of course, and so will wooden baths.