Shower Mixer Taps: The Trending Bathroom Accessory

The décor of your bathroom really reflects your living standards. Bathroom showers are a necessity in bathrooms. For ages, shower taps have been used for their functionality. However, modern technology and inventions enable us to purchase shower taps that also have an aesthetic appeal to it. Choosing the right kind of shower tap ensures we get the best showering experience. Shower mixer taps have gained rapid popularity in the market owing to its numerous benefits.

What are shower mixer taps?

Unlike traditional showers, mixer showers blend together cold and hot water from different sources before it releases it from the shower head. The shower mixer taps are connected to both cold and hot water supplies in your house. The function of these shower mixer taps is to mix water-both hot and cold-before sending it out of the shower head. The force of water is entirely dependent on your water system. Thus, these shower mixer taps allow you to control the water flow and temperature.

Given Below Are A Few Benefits of Shower Mixer Taps.

  • Efficiency: Shower mixer taps are extremely efficient and ensure the uninterrupted flow of water. They also have water-saving properties since no water is wasted in trying to adjust the water temperatures.
  • Easy to Operate: They are extremely easy to operate, especially for kids and older people. All they have to do is lift one lever or turn one tap, instead of adjusting two different taps.
  • Safer: In shower mixer taps, cold and hot water is blended before being released. Therefore, you are not exposed to either freezing water or scalding hot water. Thus, it is much safer to use than traditional shower taps.
  • Appearance: Shower mixer taps are available in a number of colours and designs. They really enhance the décor of your bathroom. Additionally, they are available in a number of materials ranging from copper and nickel to stainless steel.
  • Options: When it comes to shower mixer taps, options range from fixed head to adjustable head. It is up to you to choose one that best goes with your needs and your bathroom’s fixtures.

Types of Shower Mixer Taps:

  • Single Lever Taps: This type of shower mixer tap consists of a single lever which can be moved up and down to control the flow of water. Moving this lever from one side to the other helps you control the water temperature.
  • Sequential Mixer Taps: In this, a single rotary control is turned on to start the shower. The more you turn, the more the temperature increases
  • Dual Control Mixer Shower Taps: In this type, you have two controls. One which controls the flow and the other which operates the temperature.
  • Bar Shower Mixer Taps: In this, the controls are both on a bar. One control manages the temperature and the other controls the water flow.

Before investing in a shower mixer tap, make sure they are compatible with your home water system. Most of the shower mixer taps are well equipped to work with all systems.