6 Tips To Follow When Buying Your Windows

Buying windows for a renovation or construction project is a major investment. Here is a list of things to consider before buying your windows for informed decision making. The aesthetics of your home, your comfort and your peace in the long term depend on it!

  1. Obtain the agreement of the municipality

To preserve the architectural harmony of the city, the municipalities ask the owners to respect the style and certain building standards. This is often the case when it comes to renovating an ancestral house listed in the Quebec heritage. Few people are aware of this approach, but this is the first step: find out from the municipality the standards and regulations in force to know the type of window, the installation required and the colors allowed. Before proceeding with the purchase.

  1. Put your project in good hands

Certified installers

The installation of the windows is a delicate step which requires a lot of rigor and a great expertise. In addition to this validation, a good installer holds a certification of the manufacturer. We can guide you in this process and advise you the best ventilation window.

A seasoned manufacturer

    Of course, the quality of the materials you buy is fundamental. In all sectors, the excellence of a product is measured by the experience of the manufacturers, which is often calculated in number of years. It is with time that knowledge, skills and techniques are reinforced.

Our multigenerational company, Vaillancourt Ports et Fentress, is celebrating 70 years of experience this year.


  • Learn about warranties

A long-term guarantee proves that the manufacturer does not doubt the excellence of its products: it is ready to commit to the durability and robustness of its materials. That’s why a good guarantee is also a guarantee of quality. Of course, it is also related to the type of material and what we can expect in terms of sustainability. A window is a purchase over the very long term, the guarantee must extend accordingly.

  1. Ensure the energy performance of your future windows and get a tax credit

Energy-efficient window reduces drafts due to infiltration, conserves heat indoors, increases comfort and significantly reduces electricity bill, while being environmentally friendly. The type of glass contributes enormously to the energy performance. The triple glass option, for example, saves considerable energy. The Quebec government encourages homeowners who want to improve the energy efficiency of their homes by offering them a tax credit called Remover. By choosing ENERGY STAR qualified windows, you will be able to claim this tax credit.

  1. Choose the type of PVC or hybrid material

Very popular and recognized for its high energy performance, PVC has the advantage of being affordable. Nevertheless, depending on the region you are in, a hybrid window may be more suited to your needs. In addition to PVC, the hybrid window is provided with aluminum which is a pbest ularly robust material and able to withstand heavy loads due to wind. The hybrid window is therefore ideal for homes in pest early windy areas.


  1. Ensure the quality of after-sales service

Customer service is measured by the friendliness of the staff, but also by getting answers to the questions you ask yourself. If you consider that you have been well informed in your purchasing process, you can also count on the quality of the after-sales service, which will be available and efficient.



Redefining art of landscaping

Landscaping is not a merely a job for us, in fact, it’s an art that demands attention and creativity. We, as the team, take a lot of pride in saying that we have surpassed our rival companies in offering the superb landscaping plans and designs. This could be possible only because of the heartiest dedication of our professionals and immense cooperation of our wonderful clients. We have changed the way people think about the landscaping. Now it’s not only a piece of naturally adorned land with trees and plants but a serene portion of your property where you can relish your leisure hours with friends and family, enjoy BBQ nights and many small parties as well as feel the nature while doing some yoga or exercise.

Innovation and quality:

Unlike many landscaping companies, we have provided the innovative and high-quality projects to our clients. Our team of professional and experienced landscapers will never let you down. Once you come to us to get the finest landscaping at your house or business, we keenly chart out a design using high-end computer technology. Keeping in mind the soil texture and geological features the design is finalized and after your approval work is initiated immediately. We never waste time in purchasing tools and items as we have got a state of art storage where we have the finest and up to minute equipment and material for our work. The satisfaction and comfort of our client is our top priority. This is the reason our guys will show up at the site in the hours of your choosing. The best thing about our work is that we never compromise on quality. Our experts take care of every minor detail and that’s why we never leave a flaw behind.

Landscape installation and maintenance:

We understand the value of your investment. So once we are done installing a gorgeous landscaping in your yard, we never leave you alone to take care of it against weather extremes. After finishing the landscaping project our experts will give you quick tips to protect your yard against heavy rain or heat. But in case of any crisis like flooding and water retention, our team will visit the site and will use their high tech equipment to safeguard your landscaping.

Our aim is to offer you the premium Fort Worth landscaping services at your doorstep. Water is often the biggest potential threat to the exquisite landscaping designs. This is why we always advise our client to install a comprehensive and efficient water drainage system to avoid the spoiling of your valuable plants. Apart from this our maintenance services include:

  • Grass cutting
  • Shrub pruning
  • Tree pruning
  • Insect control
  • pH monitoring and correction
  • soil texture tests

These maintenance services elongate the life and striking appearance of your royal landscaping. Our aim is to provide the best landscaping plans in a very affordable range and after that, we offer most amicable maintenance packages so that your deluxe landscaping is never ruined by any climatic extremes.

Turn That Dark Basement into a Useful Space Everyone Will Love

Many homeowners feel crowded and overwhelmed in their homes while sitting on top of a dark and dreary basement. This area under the house can actually become a much needed addition to the home with a little time and effort. All it takes is a plan of action and a few key steps to make use of this often neglected place.

Create a Plan

The first step in transforming any basement into much needed space is to come up with a plan. How will you use this area? Do you often have overnight guests? If so, this could become a quiet little bedroom and bath. Are the kids over taking the house? Consider a toy room or gaming area. Maybe you simply need a place to retreat into some peace and quiet. Basements make terrific home offices. You are only limited by your imagination.

Preparing the Area

The next thing you need to do is prepare the area. Basements often become a catch-all for clutter. Clean out items stored here. Keep one section of the basement for storing items you keep. Now you need to examine the walls and floors carefully. This is the time to tackle any issues like water damage. If mold is present, mold remediation in Houston can be found from professionals like those at the United Water Restoration Group. Once all problems are resolved, make sure the room is sealed to prevent future issues.

Let the Work Begin

If you are the do-it-yourself type that is pretty handy at home improvement projects, you can probably tackle the smaller jobs yourself. Most homeowners can paint or install flooring themselves, but if your basement makeover involves constructing walls, installing plumbing, or changing the electrical system, you are better off relying on a professional for help. A quick search online will lead you to many reputable contractors in your area.

Once the basement is cleaned up and decorated to suit your needs, you’ll find it to be a much needed bit of space. This area can become a family room, extra guest bedroom, or simply a home office or toy room. All it takes is a little time, effort, and creativity.

Home Pest Inspections – How Often Should They Be Done?

If you live in an area which has long cold winters, then you are unlikely to experience ongoing problems with infestations from pests such as termites in your home. Termites thrive in warm, damp environments, so they are more prevalent in areas where the weather is warm and humid. But, this does not apply to all pests that can invade your home.

For instance, it’s common to find earwigs around during winter months; and fleas can survive in any type of weather. This is why it’s a good idea to have your home inspected for pests, no matter where you live. But, how often should inspections be carried out?

How often should your home be inspected for pests?

On a day to day basis, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for any signs that may indicate the presence of pests in your home. These signs could include the presence of droppings or urine stains. You may also be able to small pest urine. It’s also possible that you may spot signs of chewing, especially in more remote areas of your home, such as the attic space.

However, pest control professionals know exactly what they are looking for. This is why it’s a good idea to ask a professional to inspect your home for pests, at least once every 1-2 years. They are likely to be able to spot signs of an infestation that you could miss.

What happens when your property is inspected?

If you ask an expect to inspect your home for pests, one of the first things they are likely to do is check for any cracks in the exterior walls of your home, which may provide a perfect entry point for pests. They will also put all of their experience and expertise to use checking for any signs of the presence of pests.

If the experts do detect that there are pests present, they will discuss a plan of action with you. There are various methods of pest control which can be used, including the use of sprays and the use of baits. Different methods are used for dealing with different types of pests. Experts also take into account who is living in your home. For instance, if you have children, it may be necessary to use reduced amounts of chemicals. This may mean that more than one treatment is required.

You should make sure that you fully understand the pest control process, and that any questions you have are answered, before the process starts. You may be asked to make preparations for the pest control work, such as cleaning out kitchen cabinets or moving furniture away from areas which are being treated.

Pest control is not something that you can afford to neglect, if you want to protect your home against potential damage. Make sure that you have a pest control inspection carried out at least once every 1-2 years; more often if you live in an area that is especially vulnerable to specific types of pest, such as termites.

The Cost and Time Frame for Resurfacing a Swimming Pool

When the sweltering summer heat hits, taking a refreshing dip in your swimming pool is the ultimate treat. However, your happiness can quickly morph into a sinking feeling when you discover damage to the surface of your pool. The peeling, cracking surface is like a bad sunburn that you want to fix as soon as possible. In the coming months, your social calendar is packed with family gatherings, birthday celebrations, play dates, hosting your son’s little league team, and more.

With this in mind, you may be asking yourself how long it will take to resurface your swimming pool and what kind of investment you’ll have to make. After all, you refuse to have guests swimming in a pool that is visually unattractive and could potentially pose safety concerns for your loved ones. When a pool’s finish begins to fail, it will require resurfacing, which involves removing the damaged area, applying a new coat of finish, and acid-washing the surface of your pool. While the cost of resurfacing will ultimately depend on the size of your pool, materials used, and where you live, here is some insight on the resurfacing process.

What causes damages to occur?

There are a number of elements, including natural wear and tear, that contribute to a cracked and deteriorated pool surface. When pool water is exposed to improper pH levels or the chemicals are not properly balanced, plaster pool surfaces can erode over time. High stabilizer levels and low calcium levels can be extremely destructive to pool finishes. Because of this, you should always monitor chemical levels in your pool using the proper test equipment.

Regions that are vulnerable to intense sunshine should avoid leaving an empty pool baking beneath those strong UV rays. Pool water is a safety mechanism, shielding the pool’s surface from the damaging effects of sun exposure, like blistering and cracking. The lifeline of plaster finishes is typically between 12 and 14 years depending on your geographic location and how extensively the pool was cared for over the years. Longer-lasting finishes like quartz or glass are available in the marketplace, but are known for carrying loftier price points. With this in mind, natural wearing due to frequent use and severe storms/fluctuating temperatures is impossible to avoid altogether. Performing routine maintenance, however, will prolong the pool’s lifespan and is insanely important when it comes to avoiding large, costly damages.

How much does resurfacing cost?

As mentioned earlier, this information is highly circumstantial. On average, resurfacing with a pebble-based material will run between $4.50 and $5.50 per square foot of internal surface space. The size of your pool will greatly influence your final cost, as well as where you reside. Locations closer to urban areas will have access to readily-available supplies, which can reduce material costs. If you’re working with a tight budget or prefer plaster, you’re looking at an average price of $3.50 to $4.50 per square foot.

How long will it take?

A regular resurface project for plaster, tile, or stone aggregate finishes can be completed in approximately 3 to 4 days. If your project involves more extensive work, such as deck resurfacing, it will take 1 to 2 weeks to complete depending on your individual circumstances. If you start noticing damages on the surface of your pool, it’s highly recommended that you resurface the entire area, rather than patching individual sections as this tends to speed up deterioration over time.

Popular Flooring Styles

Choosing what style of flooring you should use inside of your home can be stressful. We would suggest that you take the time to do your research and decide which type of floors are going to be the best fit inside of your home. There are few different things that you should consider when you were picking flooring. We’re going to help break down your different choices and why you should consider the things that you should before you pick your flooring.


One of the things you should consider as soon as you are deciding on which to the floor you should purchase is the durability that they are going to provide you. There is no doubt that just different types of flooring provide more benefits than others in terms of durability. Well wood flooring is very pretty, and elegant, they also do not provide as much durability of other surfaces.

If you have a home full of small children he where you are afraid are going to spill liquid on your flooring, what is probably not your best choice. There are alternatives that are available that look similar to wood that are more durable. Recently, a new vinyl flooring has come out that looks almost identical to wood floors that is much more durable.  Another option that you could choose from it’s a linoleum.  Will be surprised how far linoleum has come over the years.


There’s no doubt the price is going to be something that comes into consideration.  Flooring can be very expensive. Depending on what your family is looking for, you can choose a flooring that is going to fit your budget. However, you can also fall in love with the flooring that is not inside of your budget. We would suggest that you only look at flooring that are going to fall inside of your budget. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with flooring that does not fit your budget.

When you go to the store to pick out your 4 and, you should tell them what your budget is. If they know what your budget is they can direct you to floorings that are going to fall inside of that. Only looking at flooring that is in your budget is going to make you happier in the long run.


Flooring is not something that you want to have to change out multiple times while you’re living in a home. Something that you should consider when you were choosing flooring is how long you were going to be happy with the particular piece. You want to pick up flooring that you were going to be content with for many years. Not only is it important to pick a flooring that you think is going to hold up over the years, it is also important to pick flooring that you were going to like visually for many years. if you pick the right flooring, it can last for many years so make sure that you like the choice that you have made.

Eliminating Stains Coming From Rattan Home Furniture

Rattan home furniture is unquestionably a durable design of furniture and contains a special natural splendor that has caused it to be one of the popular choice regarding furniture that numerous people go for their properties. Although rattan furniture is certainly caused by easy to completely clean and look after due to its natural feel, colour and also strength it can get dirty and will get tarnished.

Provided listed here are some beneficial steps and suggestions to keep the rattan home furniture in fantastic condition and also looking great:

Regular Cleaning

It is very important to clear your rattan usually. For previously treated rattan, simply wiping that down using a diluted dishwashing cleaning agent and h2o helps guard it in opposition to stains (along with keeping that glossy and also looking fresh). For neglected rattan ensure not to obtain the wood damp, use the particular suds from your detergent by finding a soft material to read the suds from your water.

Stain Treatment

Most staining happen beyond your home although rattan home furniture looks fantastic outside, you’re dooming the untreated rattan simply by keeping that outside where direct sunlight and dampness will take in away with it. Maintain your rattan in the house and look after any blemish quickly. If you have a huge stain about untreated rattan home furniture, many people prefer to paint or perhaps varnish the particular furniture to pay it upwards. Although many realize that stains may be worked out using a toothbrush and also detergent in addition to some knee grease and also patience.

Cracking and also Splitting

For dry out rattan damage or splitting can be an part of concern. Some individuals say that when you disect linseed acrylic and put it to use to the particular cracked areas it’s going to put moisture back in the fibres with the wood, recovering its overall flexibility. If it really is untreated rattan next put slightly epoxy in the crack or perhaps splitting area and finish simply by sanding that smooth after the epoxy dries. From then on thee rattan material may be painted or perhaps varnished, however, if the cracking and also splitting will be severe you ought to contact any wicker or even a rattan expert to produce major fixes.

When getting rattan ask in the event the furniture continues to be treated together with anything. When you have untreated rattan furniture you ought to seriously take into account applying lacquer or perhaps shellac to be able to seal the particular rattan wood to stop not simply staining yet to furthermore prevent in opposition to humidity and also heat damage from your sun. Annually it will be advised to be able to reapply any coat regarding shellac or perhaps lacquer on your own furniture.

The Importance of a Professional Water Heater Installation

Your water heater is responsible for providing a lot of benefits. When it comes to water heater installation Gloucester VA residents typically depend on professionals to assist with the details. There are numerous benefits to having it done professionally.

Avoid Complications

There are a lot of components involved in a water heater installation. If you don’t do something properly, it can lead to flooding, electrical shortages, and more. You don’t want to encounter these problems on your own, so it’s best to let a knowledgeable technician handle the details.

Ensure Proper Connections

You may not get the right temperature of the water (too hot or too cold) if you try to take the DIY approach. Further, you run the risk of the water pressure not being what it should be if you don’t connect everything properly. Rather than having to spend additional money on repairs, the heater should be installed by a professional.

Learn About Maintenance

When you have a professional install your water heater, they will provide you with maintenance tips. This allows you to be a responsible homeowner by knowing how to care for your tank. This includes understanding where the breakers are as well as how to drain the tank periodically. It will allow you to enjoy a long life with your heater.

Obtain a Warranty

Often, you won’t get the full warranty of a water heater if you handle the installation on your own. By getting a professional installation, your warranty remains intact. You will also get a warranty for labor in the event that there is a problem with the way the heater was installed.

Once you know you need a water heater, it’s best to work with a company who can provide you with a quality installation.

A Comparison Of The History And Uses Of R20 And R22

Though often confused, R20 and R22 are very different refrigerants. R20 is very rarely used as a refrigerant in modern times. Instead, it is used as a precursor for R22. Following is a brief guide covering these two chemicals, their history, their uses, and their differences.

R20 is the label given to chloroform by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers(ASHRAE). Each refrigerant is given an R number by ASHRAE depending on the molecular structure of the chemicals involved.

R22 is the ASHRAE label for chlorodifluoromethane, which is produced using chloroform. Chlorodifluoromethane is referred to as Freon when manufactured by the Chemours Company.  Freon is currently the most widely using refrigerant on the planet.

History Of R20

Chloroform has a short, yet powerful history. The chemical has seen several uses over the years. Some of them were for medical purposes while others involved criminal intentions. Today, the most common use of the R20 chemical is for producing the R22 refrigerant. More than 90 percent of all chloroform synthesized is used specifically in the production of refrigerants.

The synthesizing of chloroform began around the 1830’s. It’s believed that Frankfurt an der Order was among the first to produce the chemical by mixing together chlorinated lime and ethanol.  A year later, Samuel Guthrie recreated the results in New York and noted the mixture had anesthetic properties. Both of these professionals believed at the time that they had produced chloric ether rather than chloroform.

Major strides in the understanding of chloroform began in 1850’s after James Young Simpson discovered the sedative effects of chloroform. He realized that the chemical could be used to put patients to sleep nearly instantly without causing any of the negative effects that are associated with ether.

The Uses Of R20

It wouldn’t be long after Simpson’s discovery that chloroform would become the most widely used sleeping aid in hospitals across the globe. It was used for treating soldiers during wars and for mothers who were giving birth. And, of course, criminals would begin to use it as a tool to murder and rob with ease.

Chloroform would slowly see less use in hospitals, but increased use in other applications. It became a common ingredient in pesticides across the globe thanks to its properties as a solvent. It could also be used as a fumigant, a cleaning agent, and even in fire extinguishers. Chloroform is also widely used as a precursor for the manufacturing of Teflon, which is found on cooking utensils, in pipes, and on surgical equipment.

The largest use of chloroform was in the production of the chlorodifluoromethane hydrochlorofluorocarbon(HCFC), otherwise known as R22. Though, even the use of chloroform in the production of refrigerants has slowed down tremendously in many parts of the world. Many developed countries have banned the use of HCFC refrigerants, particularly R22, and thus chloroform is also seeing reduced production.

The History Of R22

Refrigeration technology had been evolving rapidly prior to the introduction of R22 to the market. The major problem at the time was that refrigerants were often dangerous to man and to the environment. Many of them were flammable and highly toxic. During the time of the discovery of R22, ammonia was among the most popular of refrigerants.

Researchers working for General Motors were determined to find a safer solution to their refrigerant needs. They began to produce chlorofluorocarbons, which are hydrocarbons that typically contain carbon, fluorine, and chlorine. Some of the first chlorofluorocarbons used for refrigeration hit the market in the early 1930’s, almost 100 years after chloroform began to be synthesized. The first products were labeled as R12.

It wasn’t long before R22 was developed and it took the market by storm. It would become the go-to refrigerant for residential use across the country. The r 20 refrigerant and the shift to bluon also spread to other countries as well. It was cheap to produce, and it seemed to have no negative impact on anything. As a matter of fact, there was very little that R22 interacted with.

The Dangers Of R22

For a long time, experts thought that R22 was a completely safe refrigerant. Their opinion changed after they realized that the hydrocarbons were interacting violently with UV rays from the son. The ultraviolet light caused the chemicals to break down and what remained damaged the ozone layer.

In 1987, the Montreal Protocol was passed in an attempt to protect the ozone layer by reducing the production and usage of substances that had ozone depleting properties. 197 different countries agreed to the terms of the Montreal Protocol. The protocol has been amended several times and has since put a time limit on the remaining production and usage of HCFC products. In the United States, homeowners will no longer be able to use R22 refrigerant after January 1, 2020.

Knowing that R22 will eventually be phased out, experts across the globe have been working to develop a new, safer alternative. There have been many great strides in refrigerant development. It is widely accepted that R-410A will be the new refrigerant used in most residential applications.

The major problem is that homeowners will need to replace much of their equipment to use this new refrigerant. Other solutions, like TdX 20, can be used with same equipment, thus saving the homeowner a significant amount of funds.

 A Final Comparison Of R20 And R22

R20 and R22 do have much in common concerning their molecular structure, but that is where the similarities start to end. Though R20 is listed as a refrigerant by ASHRAE, it is very rarely, if ever, used as one by itself. Instead, it has been used in the production of chlorodifluoromethane, which is otherwise known as R22. By itself, chloroform saw most of its use as a sedative during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Today, much is understood of the dangers of chloroform as well as of R22. Both are experiencing constantly decreasing production and use in developing countries.

Bathroom Renovation: What You Need to Replace

Bathroom renovation requires careful planning and meticulous execution. It can be costly, but there are also some ways to make it easy on the pocket. Read the rest of this post and we’ll share with you some of the things that you need to replace to give the space an upgraded appeal.


One of the best ways to give the bathroom an instant upgrade is to ditch the old bathtub in favor of a new one. It is going to serve as the focal point of the bathroom. Personally, I would suggest that you consider the luxury freestanding bathtubs from Badeloft. They will give the space an aesthetic appeal that you cannot achieve with the use of other bathtub styles. If you want a more vintage look, on the other hand, a clawfoot bathtub will be a better choice.


Stained and chipped sinks can be an eyesore, which is why you need to consider replacing them. Choose a sink style that will complement the look of the vanity. For instance, if the vanity has a light-colored top, choose a sink with a darker tone. The right material of the sink is also an essential consideration. For high-quality bathroom sinks that are stylish and durable, click here.


A faucet may seem small, but it needs to be replaced during a bathroom renovation to complete the look. Replacing a bathroom faucet will help not only to get a new look but will also help conserve water, especially when there are already leaks. The faucet should match the appearance of the sink or the bathtub. Some of the best materials you might want to consider include brass, bronze, and nickel. For non-metals, plastic is a common choice, but a lot stay away from it as it looks cheap.


The right showerhead will have a huge impact on the bathroom design once it is renovated. When buying a new showerhead, there are different types that are available. You can choose from standard wall-mount, hand-held, top-mount, and shower spa panels. You also have to consider the materials used and the aesthetics to make sure that it will blend well with the look that you try to achieve.


Choosing lights is another task that is important when renovating the bathroom. Use task lighting to see yourself better in the mirror. You might also want to add chandelier as a focal point, especially if the bathroom has a generous space. Better yet, utilize natural lighting to come up with an eco-friendly bathroom.

Walls and Floors

To give the bathroom a completely new look, choose the right materials for the floors and the walls. Choose textured tiles for the flooring to prevent slipping. Bright-colored tiles will be great to create an illusion of a bigger space.

If you are planning a renovation, make sure to consider replacing the things that have been mentioned above. Some may be costly, such as a bathtub, but it will be essential to come up with an upgraded look.