6 Tips To Follow When Buying Your Windows


Buying windows for a renovation or construction project is a major investment. Here is a list of things to consider before buying your windows for informed decision-making. The aesthetics of your home, your comfort, and your peace in the long term depend on it!

  1. Obtain the agreement of the municipality

To preserve the architectural harmony of the city, the municipalities ask the owners to respect the style and certain building standards. This is often the case when it comes to renovating an ancestral house listed in the Quebec heritage. Few people are aware of this approach, but this is the first step: find out from the municipality the standards and regulations in force to know the type of window, the installation required and the colors allowed. Before proceeding with the purchase.

  1. Put your project in good hands

Certified installers

The installation of the windows is a delicate step which requires a lot of rigor and a great expertise. In addition to this validation, a good installer holds a certification of the manufacturer. We can guide you in this process and advise you the best ventilation window.

A seasoned manufacturer

    Of course, the quality of the materials you buy is fundamental. In all sectors, the excellence of a product is measured by the experience of the manufacturers, which is often calculated in number of years. It is with time that knowledge, skills and techniques are reinforced.

Our multigenerational company, Vaillancourt Ports et Fentress, is celebrating 70 years of experience this year.


  • Learn about warranties

A long-term guarantee proves that the manufacturer does not doubt the excellence of its products: it is ready to commit to the durability and robustness of its materials. That’s why a good guarantee is also a guarantee of quality. Of course, it is also related to the type of material and what we can expect in terms of sustainability. A window is a purchase over the very long term, the guarantee must extend accordingly.

  1. Ensure the energy performance of your future windows and get a tax credit

Energy-efficient window reduces drafts due to infiltration, conserves heat indoors, increases comfort, and significantly reduces electricity bill while being environmentally friendly. The type of glass contributes enormously to the energy performance. The triple glass option, for example, saves considerable energy. The Quebec government encourages homeowners who want to improve the energy efficiency of their homes by offering them a tax credit called Remover. By choosing ENERGY STAR qualified windows, you will be able to claim this tax credit.

  1. Choose the type of PVC or hybrid material

Very popular and recognized for its high energy performance, PVC has the advantage of being affordable. Nevertheless, depending on the region you are in, a hybrid window may be more suited to your needs. In addition to PVC, the hybrid window is provided with aluminum which is a robust material and able to withstand heavy loads due to wind. The hybrid window is therefore ideal for homes in pest early windy areas.

  1. Ensure the quality of after-sales service

Customer service is measured by the friendliness of the staff, but also by getting answers to the questions you ask yourself. If you consider that you have been well informed in your purchasing process, you can also count on the quality of the after-sales service, which will be available and efficient.