6 Quick Tips to Maintain a Swimming Pool

If you want a swimming pool, you have to maintain it. You can’t escape the needed cleanings if you want crystal clear water. However, enlisting the help of a few quick tips ensures you don’t have to do as much work to maintain your pool. You’ll be lounging, playing, splashing, and swimming again faster with some shortcuts.

Get a Filter

 Your filter removes dirt and grime, leaving the water clean and clear. A good filter is essential to enjoying your pool. DE filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters all have positives and negatives, but work well depending on your cleaning goals and are simple to maintain.

When your water starts to look dirty, you should backwash your filter. Even if your water isn’t dirty, you should do this every month. After turning the pump off, remove and backwash the filter, then reassemble it. Make sure you get the correct size filter for your pool. If you keep it operational, you won’t have to manually clean the pool as much. Instead of working on your pool, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Maintain Chemicals

Pools that aren’t balanced correctly are a breeding ground for murky water and bacteria, leaving your skin feeling irritated. Maintain your swimming pool by testing your water regularly for an appropriate balance. How often you need to test it depends on how much use it gets.

The chlorine you add to your pool keeps the water free of germs. However, sunlight affects the way chlorine works. You need to add cyan uric acid to protect the chlorine levels and ensure its effectiveness. Other levels like PH, alkalinity, and calcium protect your pool and equipment from damage and eroding. The appropriate levels depend on your pool’s material and other environmental factors.

You can purchase testing kits with instructions to make this process easier. When you have balanced chemicals, you have clear water with less skin irritation. Sometimes the chemicals are pricey, but you may find alternatives like baking soda that work the same and are much cheaper.

Shock the pool by raising the chlorine levels temporarily. This kills bacteria. You should do it at the beginning of the swimming season, and again halfway through the year if you keep your pool open year-round. Do it more often if it looks cloudy.

Use a Tennis Ball

When you swim, you leave behind oils in the water. These oils are difficult to remove. Oils come from all sorts of places including sunscreen, soap residue, and hair products. It’s nearly impossible to keep these oils out of the pool altogether, so don’t try. You can rinse off before you climb in, but you may still need some help. Using a tennis ball helps absorb the oils and keeps your pool from having a filmy layer on the top.

Scrub and Skim

You should skim your pool daily to remove dirt and other large particles, but it’s not time consuming. However, scrubbing can take more time if you do it manually. Not just the bottom, but the sides of the pool need cleaning to keep it healthy. You can’t get around it.

Don’t worry. Robot vacuums clean it for you. They detect where they still need to clean, and move by themselves to do all the scrubbing. They can even clean the sides of your pool and can scrub tile.

You should manually perform a deep clean occasionally, but you don’t need anything expensive or a professional. Simply use a scrub brush or a chlorine-filled old sock for stubborn stains.

Watch the Water Level

Maintaining your swimming pool by keeping an eye on the water level is easy. When levels fluctuate because of splashing water out or a heavy rain going in, simply refill it with a hose or drain the excess with a rented a pump from the local hardware store.

Your water level should always be halfway up the opening of the skimmer so that water cycles through easily for cleaning. Once you return your water to the normal level, recheck your chemicals to ensure a balanced ecosystem.

Power Wash Your Deck

Maintaining your swimming pool doesn’t stop at the pool itself. An important part of this maintenance is keeping the surrounding areas clean, too. You need to keep as many oils and debris out of the pool as you can, meaning that power washing your pool deck is a smart move. It eliminates rust, stains, and dirt.

You don’t need to hire a professional. Rent a power washers from the hardware store, sweep the deck before starting, and then follow the directions on the package. Start with the weakest spray and turn it up if needed. Removing the dirt in layers is key to preventing streaking and damage.

While maintaining your swimming pool seems like a lot of work, keeping up with regular cleanings and using these tips will ensure that you don’t run into trouble later. These time saving techniques help to give your pool an effective clean so that you can relax.

Author Bio – Paul Lee, the guest author of this post, writes occasionally on behalf of ThailandPoolShop.com, a sought after name if you’re looking for pool filters in Thailand.