Tips to Make Your Home Safer for Children.

Raising children can be particularly stressful. Apart from the teenage period of a child, one growth stage that is a cause of parental stress is the developmental stage when a child is between a month old and 7 years. 

However, raising your child doesn’t have to be a harrowing experience if you implement safety parenting tips. 

When it comes to the safety of your children every parent ought to take a proactive approach such that measures are taken before an accident occurs rather than when one has already occurred. 

These are some tips that you may use at home to keep your home safe for children and reduce parental stress over impending accidents. 


It is extremely dangerous to live in an ungated home. Before deciding on which property to buy, consider getting one which it’s safe and fenced. In case it is not, then you can erect your fencing. 

This will prevent your child from walking to the streets when you’re not on the lookout. 

It is also proper to ensure that your compound is clean and free from objects that might injure your child. 

Electric cords.

When babies are a few months old and they start to crawl all around the house. Electric outlets are common spots to find a child trying to insert an object which might fatally end in electrocution. 

The best way to protect your child from this is to install outlet covers to prevent your child from accidentally jamming something in. 

Doors and windows

If there is one injury that every adult can relate to in their childhood, it is jamming your fingers on the door hinge, where your fingers are on the hinges and someone else spontaneously closes the door. The incident is agonizing. 

To solve the problem, you should install stoppers and buffers which will prevent an open door from closing. You can remove this once you want to shut the door. 


You might want to consider getting Gates in your kitchen especially when your baby starts to crawl.

Gates will also come in handy in the staircases. It will prevent a child from falling down the stairs if your child has the habit of straying away in the middle of the night. 

Many online stores that sell kids furniture together with safety equipment like Gates, stoppers, buffers, etc. These companies are very competitive and each tries to outsmart the other by making better products.

Ensure you check kids’ furniture companies’ reviews on Reviewbirds and compare the prices before settling on a particular company. Because in the end we are after making our home safe and at the same time spending money wisely. 


A bathroom is not a place where children can play. You can imagine a scenario where you find your baby guzzling a bottle of mouthwash.

Detergents, handwash, mouthwash, pills, and anything that a baby can reach should be placed somewhere safe and locked. Any electric appliances used in a bathroom should also be unplugged and kept away safely. 

Make sure you have a child friendly bathroom, in the event your baby walks into it. 


While it might be a fun and memorable moment to watch your child take his/her first steps, this joyous moment might suddenly take a twist and lead you to the emergency room. 

Tables, shelves, and consoles corners are hotspots for a toddler to bump into. To prevent such occurrences from happening, ensure you install corner bumpers for all your furniture.

These safety bumpers can be found in furniture stores, for instance, Finnish Design Home. You can purchase them separately from the furniture or together with the furniture.

Another common accident with home furniture is disorganization. We’ve had reported cases where a child climbs on a drawer and it ends up toppling over the child. 

A cautious parent should ensure that all the furniture in your home has been safely secured to the wall. 

Regular cleaning.

Mouthing is a common stage in children where they begin to put everything in their mouths. It usually happens when the baby is around 7 months old.

The worst possible scenario you can picture from this is your baby being rushed to the ER after shoving a bean up the nose. Or far worse popping dirty objects in their mouths which might be a cause for infections. 

Therefore, you should be keen to remove objects on the floor which might pose a danger to your baby. 


Accidents are unforeseeable and certain to happen in one way or another. Therefore, in case of an accident, you need to have prior emergency steps.

Educate your children on the steps to take in case of an emergency. For instance, how to call for ambulance or police assistance. It might be how to use a fire extinguisher, especially for mid-aged children.