Mistakes To Avoid While Staging A Home

If you are in the market to sell your home and if you have decided to stage it, then the following points will surely help you as these are some of the common mistakes that people do while staging a home.

  • Since everyone believes that a good first impression is the best, they end up mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, keeping plants in the driveway, painting the walls etc. All these are good and should be done but while doing this most people fail to polish the main door or paint the main door. The door usually is forgotten until the buyer comes and presses the call button, so ensure this is done. Some houses have garages abutting the house and the garage is usually not tended to well. Do not do this mistake; take care of the garage too. Another common mistake is to overlook the mailbox. If the mailbox is rusted and in disrepair then the first impression will not be the best impression it will be the worst impression. Get the mailbox repaired or get a new one.
  • Another mistake which most homeowners do is to keep things that hold emotional value to them. An old clock may be valuable to you but for the prospective buyer it would seem like junk and unwanted clutter. Ideally you should rent storage units Santa Monica and keep all the things that hold significant to you there. When the house is bare or with just bare minimum furniture the house will appear bigger and the buyer will also be able to visualize his or her furniture in the space.
  • Most homeowners keep the windows closed and the drapes drawn. This is a big mistake because natural light enhances the mood as well as makes the room look bigger. Fresh air is also essential so keep the windows and drapes open.
  •  Most homeowners ensure that the kitchen and bathroom is deep cleaned. They also ensure the faucets do not drip, the tiles are not broken etc. They also ensure that all the appliances in the kitchen are in working condition. But the mistake that they do is to not bake bread or cookies when they already know that a prospective buyer is about to come and visit. When the fragrance of baked bread or cookies wafts across the house, it creates a pleasant mood. You can offer the freshly baked food to the buyer and break the ice which can eventually lead to a sale.