How To Bring More Sunlight Into A Room

As homeowners, we love creating a beautiful sunlit landscape for reading, working, or simply lounging around. But not every home can be filled with the amount of natural like we’re looking for. Sometimes, when you need to brighten up a room, the answer can be easier than you’d think. From installing new French doors to […]

One of the nicest villas in Italy

Villa Doria Pamphilj is one of the most important and beautiful villas in Rome. It’s in Gianicolo roman district and its name comes from noble family owned for a long time. Italian State expropriated it in the 20th century and now it is a official seat represents the national government. Its garden is amazing and […]

6 Common Office Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

The right type of lighting can make an office more inviting and easy on the eyes. It will also play a significant role in encouraging employee productivity and promoting a positive mood in the workplace. And since lighting is an important element in any workplace, you have to ensure your choice of fixtures, their placement, […]

How To Create The Perfect Backyard Deck

When the weather becomes perfect and all you want to do is spend time outdoors, what’s better than a gorgeous deck where you can lounge, read, and sun yourself during the lazy hours of the afternoon? Many homes find that creating and realizing the perfect deck design doesn’t just make their home more beautiful, it […]

Quilt Cover

A duvet is a three-layer bedding thing that’s stitched together. The batting, in olden days, was usually composed of feathers, grass or leaves. These days, quilts are full of wool, cotton or synthetic fibers. By character, bamboo is hypo-allergic in addition to anti-bacterial. Bamboo absorbs water twice greater than cotton; it best suited to sensitive […]

Don’t Tolerate Home Algae Problems

Recently, European scientists started promoting a type of phytoplankton as the most nutritious superfood in the world. Yes, a microscopic type of algae bloom could hold the key in fighting many chronic disorders. While these scientists are touting the benefits of marine “gunk,” most people see algae as an eyesore. Even worse, it can be […]

How you can remodel and renovate your house!

When it comes to house remodeling and renovating, there are people that love to do it, and then there are also people who just cannot be bothered about it. However, if you belong to the former category, then you will be aware of how much tiring this work actually is. You have to think about […]

A Comparison Of The History And Uses Of R20 And R22

Though often confused, R20 and R22 are very different refrigerants. R20 is very rarely used as a refrigerant in modern times. Instead, it is used as a precursor for R22. Following is a brief guide covering these two chemicals, their history, their uses, and their differences. R20 is the label given to chloroform by the […]